Why Hire a Wedding Planner?


“Why should I hire a Certified Wedding Coordinator?”

  1. Time Management-The average wedding can take more than 250-400 hours to plan. A bride may not have that kind of time to spend comparing all of the options out there. We can save the bride lots of time, stress, and money.
  2. Knowledge and Experience-We have seen it all. A bride needs a professional with training, knowledge, and experience to help her day to be worry free. Hiring a friend or family member with no professional training can only lead to unnecessary stress. Who needs that on their wedding day?
  3. Enjoy your day-We will be behind the scenes on your wedding day taking care of the hundreds of decisions and details that will occur on this most special of days. The bride and her family and friends will actually enjoy the wedding day.
  4. Help with Creative Ideas-We have seen many weddings and can offer great advice and are a wonderful resource to bounce ideas off of when planning .
  5. Vendor Management-We will be there throughout the planning and on the day of your wedding to work with the vendors to be sure you are getting exactly what you wanted from them on your day.
  6. Save the client money-We can assist in finding vendors in your price range. We can help negotiate with vendors and find any unnecessary hidden costs. Hiring a Certified Wedding Consultant is no longer a luxury in your budget!!
  7. Appropriate Etiquette Advice-We are knowledgeable on correct wedding etiquette. This makes your wedding polished.
  8. It is all about you!!-We will be there to ensure your wedding dreams become a reality. Whether you have been dreaming of your wedding for a lifetime or only a few months, it is a very important day. Don’t leave it to chance, hire a professional so you can enjoy the planning process and enjoy your wedding day.